We are a professional, well-established family run business within Fife, Scotland. We began 7 years ago with one retail store which, over time, has grown into two stores, a manufacturing warehouse and our website.

We sell all types of vaping hardware, accessories and coils as well as producing and selling our own brand of E-Liquid and CBD.

All of our Cloud Vapours brand E-Liquid, CBD and nicotine shots are produced on site in our cleanroom following exacting production processes – we know exactly what goes into our products and pride ourselves on using only the highest quality ingredients! We have strict guidelines for bulk production of liquid to produce the same result every time. We do not add any sweeteners to our E-liquids and this helps to enhance coil lifespan considerably.

We have a huge range of flavours to choose from but unlike many other E-Liquid suppliers, we can mix liquid tailored exactly to your own preferences. We can adjust VG/PG ratio, menthol, nicotine strength and can blend any of our flavours if desired.

If the option you would like is not shown on our website, simply message us and we will be happy to help!