CBD Body Oil (FREE)

CBD Body Oil (FREE)


Our topical CBD Body oil can help relieve pain and inflammation and provide relaxation. We offer two options: 30ml in 500mg strength and 60ml in 1000mg strength. We use only top quality ingredients and our Body Oil has been tested, analysed and certified safe for use by Eurofins Lab.



Rub a small amount of Body Oil onto the desired area and massage into the skin gently. This can safely be reapplied as often as required, however, once applied please do not reapply within 30 minutes to allow the effects to be felt first.
For external use only.

Our Body Oil can help with the following:

  •  Relieving pain in arthritis, fibromyalgia, MS and other chronic pain conditions
  •  Easing inflammation
  •  Soothing headaches when rubbed onto the forehead and/or temples
  •  Aiding with menstrual pain if used on the abdominal area
  •  Loosening stiff muscles and joints
  •  Helping with muscular pain after exercise

Our Body Oil allows you to enjoy the benefits of CBD through dermal absorption. When used in conjunction with our CBD Drop It the effects can be increased greatly.

Do not leave in direct sunlight.
Store at room temperature.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Additional information

Bottle Size

30ml (500mg), 60ml (1000mg)