The vaping industry uses Lithium-Ion batteries due to their safety and reliability – the reported failure rate is less than 1 in 10 million. When these batteries do fail it is very often due to being mishandled or misused. 18650 Li-ion batteries are high discharge batteries; they can provide an incredible amount of current in a very short period of time – as such you need to be very careful with them. Below are some do’s and don’ts on ensuring safe battery use:

Do not use the battery if:

  • It has rust or corrosion on it,

  • If the wrap has been damaged – even a small nick,

  • The wrap is peeling off,

  • It is bulging,

  • It is giving off an odour,

  • It feels hot to the touch,

  • Anything doesn’t look, smell or seem right


  • Keep batteries and all other vaping supplies away from children and pets.

  • Never store your batteries in a car or in direct sunlight.

  • Charge new batteries before using them.

  • If your mod requires more than one battery these should be purchased, used and charged together – never mix new with old.

  • If the battery becomes hot inside your mod, remove it from the mod and discontinue use.

  • When carrying spare batteries with you, make sure you’re carrying them in such a way that nothing metal (keys, pens, etc) can connect to both poles of the battery or damage the wrap around the battery. Accidentally closing the circuit like this can cause the battery to rapidly discharge and short out. We suggest using a battery carry case for storage and transportation at all times. We supply these free of charge with all batteries purchased from Cloud Vapours.

Charging and Use

  • Internal USB Charge – The internal USB charger is normally supplied with a mod which allows you to charge your battery inside your mod. We recommend you read the manufactures guidelines before charging any battery in your device
  • External charge – External Battery chargers can be bought to charge batteries.
  • If your device uses external batteries you may want to use an external charger even if you can charge them with your mod. There are not the same overcharge protections with onboard charging as there are with an external charger. In fact, most manufacturers recommend you use an external charger.
  • Allow the battery to rest for 10 minutes after charging and 30 minutes before re-charging.
  • Never leave a battery unattended whilst it is charging.
  • Do not leave batteries charging overnight.

Temperature Concerns

Batteries should not be exposed to extreme temperatures – hot or cold. If your battery has been exposed to extreme temperatures, allow the battery to return to room temperature before using or charging. We recommend not using a battery if it has been exposed to temperatures over 140F/60C.

Battery Longevity

Batteries are consumables and do not last forever – if correctly used and charged a good quality li-ion battery can last around 500 charge cycles. The overall lifespan is dependent upon how frequently the battery is charged. As the battery ages the life span of a single charge will shorten and the battery should be replaced.